by: Jake

Coming from Texas Tech and being here for a semester if you're not in Phi Delt or Sig Chi there is no point in joining a fraternity. Those are the only frats here that compare to one's at UT/Tech/A&M etc

Posted By: Jake
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#1  by: Hi   

No one cares

By: Hi
#2  by: @jake   

No frat here comes remotely close to big schools you listed above. Some here are better then others, but again no where close to those schools.

By: @jake
#3  by: Lol   

You don't even know much about fraternities if you call Sigma Chi "Sig Chi". They don't even recognize that term because it sounds stupid.

By: Lol
#4  by: real lol   

You are all jokes.

By: real lol
#5  by: red raider   

lol tf Tech doesn’t even have sigma chi on their campus so how would you even know? You sound stupid

By: red raider

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