alpha phi picks girls based on looks

by: so you know

Go search "michigan alpha phi recruitment". Their whole recruitment policy is based on scoring girls on looks. That's a sick way to recruit people. The girls who will come to recruit you from Internationals will be scoring you based on your face, your hair, and your style first. Don't rush Alpha Phi. Wait it out until you can get a better colony.

Posted By: so you know
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#1  by: Go Greek!   

Calm down. Go study or something.

By: Go Greek!
#2  by: Wellllll   

Same bitter old alum posting the same junk on every school page.

Go take a nap old bittie. We don’t care

By: Wellllll
#3  by: g   

no offense but after looking at their new insta page 90% of the girls look average. i doubt that document applies to smaller schools

By: g

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