alpha phi

by: In the know

Wooowooo! New group coming! Alpha Phi!! Psyched!! Hot reputation, strong chapters. This should be exciting for us!

Posted By: In the know
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#1  by: Poke   

Do we know if they are taking over pi phi’s house?

By: Poke
by: Pan LoveOct 9, 2019 7:34:27 AM

Was wondering the same thing!

By: Pan Love
#2  by: Wait!   

What happened to Pi Phi?

By: Wait!
by: WYOct 25, 2022 8:21:28 PM

Pi Phi from legend was great but started to not look for pretty girls. Their National has a stick up their $$$, and pUlls many of their strong chapters off b/c of formalities. Top chapters generally everywhere.

By: WY
#3  by: Wait!   

What happened to Pi Phi?

By: Wait!
#4  by: APhi   

Check out their reputation at U of Michigan or U of Alabama. Good luck.

By: APhi

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