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The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Interfraternity Council (IFC) suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter for five years for holding a fraternity-sponsored event while already on emergency suspension in a 9-0 vote at a public hearing on May 2.

The emergency suspension came from the Dean of Students’ office on Monday, April 16 along with an investigation, which is still ongoing. The terms of this suspension said the group is under investigation because of “possibly jeopardizing individual or community safety” according to an email to the fraternity from Jan Bilgen, the associate director of Career & Leadership Development (CLD) and advisor for Greek life. The suspension prohibited any formal or informal gatherings of any kind by the fraternity.

The fraternity held an event in Lake Geneva April 28 while serving the emergency suspension.

Members of the fraternity gathered in Lake Geneva despite being advised not to, leading to the hearing and subsequent five-year suspension.The IFC cited numerous text messages, social media posts and other evidence of the event in their presentation of charges at the hearing. “In the Greek community we’re expected to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and we hold ourselves accountable,” she said. “I think we have the best Greek system in the state. But we’re human and we need to be held accountable. We have to trust the processes because they exist to protect the victims and individuals who may or may not have done something wrong.

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