This year is weird

by: Derrrrr

Okay so pi phi is starting to fall off and so is sig phi, I don’t think anyone saw this coming

Posted By: Derrrrr
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#1  by: $$   

Pi phi might be falling off but sig phi definitely is not they the most normal frat at UVM

By: $$
#2  by: Pop   

Sig Phi has been having a slow decline these past few semesters. Poor pledge classes and poor choices made by brothers have really hurt them

By: Pop
#3  by: lol   

pi phi and sig phi are two of the top houses on campus. anyone who says different is just jealous.

By: lol
#4  by: bread   

sig phi isnt as rowdy as they used to be and they mostly just keep to themselves now but i dont think that means they suck now. pi phi is just old news at this point

By: bread

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