Why is Pi Phi considered a top house?

by: Beavs

I feel like I never see them out, the girls give off fake vibes, and they don’t do much for their philanthropy. Sure they have a nice ish house but are they only considered top because they choose to stay small on purpose? Honestly confused

Posted By: Beavs
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#1  by: O   

Honestly I think they’re just riding off their past popularity from years ago. Tbh I think top houses now are AXO and Tri Delt

By: O
#2  by: xx   

they are definitely not the smartest but i feel like i'm always hearing about them throwing philanthropy events

By: xx
#3  by: dennis   

they've just been weak this year

By: dennis
#4  by: 2023   

piphi is just more exclusive than tri delt even though it’s bigger. axo and piphi are def still the top houses

By: 2023
#5  by: True   

Yea they are definitely considered a top house because of their previous prestige. They do a lot of philanthropy events but other than that you’re right they do not seem to be involved much with other FSL orgs and are very small. From my experiences talking with some members they definitely give off that vibe that they’re looking down on you and think their stuff don’t stink.

By: True
#6  by: UV   

Pi Phi is the top house, like em or not. Nationally they are top tier also. Theta is top tier nationally but mid here. Pi Phi has the quality, money, beauty, and reputation to rest on their laurels. At least if they don’t like you during recruitment, you know. They aren’t two faced.

By: UV
#7  by: jj   

im not here to defend pi phi but i am here to tell the facts. pi phi and axo are the top houses period. tri delta always saying something but they are middle tier

By: jj

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