Anyone dated a krapper?

by: Inquiring minds

Has anyone who isn’t in a bottom tier frat dated a krapper? I’m sick of top tier sorority girls with “expectations”. Who should I go for? Obviously I’m willing to make concessions on looks and popularity, but not on hygiene (so no DG).

Posted By: Inquiring minds
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#1  by: Casual observer    

No but I feel like sigma kappa was the basis for Tom Wolfe’s character, Charlotte Simmons

By: Casual observer
#2  by: Yep   

I took a krapper as a 2024 winter girlfriend. Pros: Ideal amount blubber to keep me warm; Cons: bacne

I took a XO as a 2023 winter girlfriend. Pros: clean shaven; cons: never met a fast food she didn’t love

By: Yep
by: nahJun 15, 2024 10:03:26 AM

XO are prudes. Way too godly. I'm trying to party, not hang out with nuns. hard pass for this brother

By: nah
#3  by: Hard no!   

Don’t even take them as winter girlfriends. They say really nasty things about other srats and then play victim.

By: Hard no!
by: LolJun 21, 2024 7:38:34 PM

Lol every sorority girl I’ve dated has said bad things about another sorority. That’s how it is haha get with it

By: Lol

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