sigma chi return

by: Hmmm

Is sig Chi coming back on campus for this upcoming school year? Heard some rumors that they could be coming back but then again they’ve been saying that they’re coming back since fall 2015

Posted By: Hmmm
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#1  by: Haha haha - no   

They’re done for a while. They won’t recharter until all the “brothers” have graduated and then 2-3 years passed. Basically anyone who’s ever gone to school with a sig chi will need to graduate before they’re allowed back. Same for all the other off campus houses.

By: Haha haha - no
by: UhhhAug 20, 2019 11:30:58 AM

No I’m pretty sure they’re back m8

By: Uhhh
#2  by: Haha   

Except they aren’t. Enjoy pledging a house that’s not reall and not being recognized as a real brother on the national level hahahahahai

By: Haha

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