Fraternity rankings as of winter 2022

by: Real Truth

Heard Psi brothers are taking down posts that expose them... lol. Here are the true rankings that you'll hear from any girl that goes to frat parties

Top tier: FIJI
Fiji is safe, has a nice house, and the brothers are really hot. Definitely top and will stay there.

Second Tier: Psi/AD/DU
It pains me to keep Psi and DU here because of all the allegations and dangerous stuff that happens at their parties (5 girls sent home in an ambulance at Psi???). Regardless they’re here for now but are relying on old clout and falling…fast. Plus DU has a nasty house. Delt used to be mid but the new brothers all care about safety, are hot, and throw good parties with nice decorations and themes. The house is iconic and mixers were fun this last quarter.

Third tier:
Sig Chi and AEPI. Brothers are super nice, but they don’t have big houses on the quad. They’re capped on how good they can get, but still host cool parties that people really enjoy.

Bottom tier: everyone else.

Posted By: Real Truth
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#1  by: Accurate   

Accurate imo but obviously written by someone in alpha delt lmao

By: Accurate
by: LolMar 12, 2022 1:00:46 PM

It’s funny how the narrative changed from “oh the parties are better at psi and du” to now “I feel a little safer at psi and du I guess”

By: Lol
#2  by: DontKnow Why   

All of these posts are so biased lol. I personally feel much safer at DU than Fiji.

By: DontKnow Why
#3  by: Cap   

sponsored by alpha delt’s winter pledge class

By: Cap
by: ??Mar 13, 2022 1:53:41 AM

?? this is obviously fiji lol

By: ??
#4  by: Biased   

Personally, DU and Psi feel safer than Fiji. It’s always gonna be personal preference/experiences

By: Biased

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