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by: fax

Just saw some girl post her rankings to the page and I thought I’d share mine as a sorority girl

1) FIJI - hottest guys and the most normal feeling frat
2) DU - hot guys too but some creepy weirdos, parties r mid sometimes they’re sick sometimes I wish I didn’t go
3) Psi/AD - I’m a third year and psi used to be all that but it’s falling off it might even be fourth. Parties r getting less and less fun here but still some of the guys r fun and cool to talk to. AD has risen hella since my freshman year and honestly their parties this quarter have been super fun and they have some hot guys.

4) Sig Chi - this is a mixed bag their parties are usually very fun till they get shut down. Brothers are definitely a toss up u have normal cool brothers in the frat but also some weirdos.

5) Aepi - while the guys aren’t the hottest or coolest they are super sweet and I always feel safe here. Parties r ok

6) Zeta - Kinda weird and meh parties just way too small of a space it feels like I’m going to a satellite house then I realize that’s their actual frat house

7) Pike - Honestly pike lowkey has some hot guys but they just aren’t established enough and don’t have much clout to have fun parties

8) the rest - I’ve never been to any of the other frats tbh so I can’t comment I know there’s phi delt and dke I think ??

Posted By: fax
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#1  by: sorta   

Tbh du and Fiji r not having a good quarter. Parties r better at psi than du or Fiji so far. Fiji does feel kinda more normal than du or psi. AD isn't on the level of those three yet. They do have some really hot brothers though

By: sorta
#2  by: Me   

Me and my friends will only go to Fiji, alpha delt, and sig chi…others feel too creepy

By: Me
by: girlplsMar 2, 2022 10:53:09 PM

Fiji is literally creepster central what are u talking abt

By: girlpls
#3  by: All I’m saying   

All I’m saying is that there’s a reason why psi was blacklisted from sororities last quarter…

By: All I’m saying
#4  by: Mid   

Fiji looks are mid. Du and psi r hotter

By: Mid

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