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Coming to UNCW in the fall next year and wanna know what greek life is like. I will definitely rush but don't know if its that big here since I saw only like 10% of students are in it, is there anything to do if you aren't in a frat? And if you are in one can you go to any other frats parties if you wanna or only your own, also what frats are not southern bc I'm from the north and don't think I'd fit into a really southern fraternity.

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As a guy, if you're not in a fraternity theres not much to do especially if you're a freshman because you don't really know a lot of people to be able to go to house parties and you're not old enough to get into bars. If you do join a frat I know a lot of guys who can go to other fraternity parties but its generally because they're good friends with the brothers but mostly you'd stick to your own. But at uncw the frats do a lot mixers with the other greek organizations and a lot of parties will be thrown by multiple frats. I wouldn't say any one frat at uncw is really southern. There will be guys in every organization that is preppy like the stereotypical southern frat guy or hunts and fishes but there's a pretty good mix anywhere you go. I would definitely recommend rushing and during your first two weeks going around to a bunch of the frats when they throw parties so you can get a general feel for who you like and who you don't.

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im from the north too! greek life definitely isn’t necessary if you’re a girl. the party addies go around like crazy & they let all girls in, unless it’s a sorority/frat mixer. those only allow the specific frat/sorority in, but only happen once a week (normally mid-week anyways). however, if you’re a guy, you can only get into frat parties when they’re open (first few weeks) or if you’re personally snuck in. so, most guys do rush. all my close guy friends who aren’t involved with greek life just party at student apartments like progress & aspire every weekend, and honestly they’re not much different from frat parties. if you’re going to rush, KA is mad southern & red-neck, so i’d avoid them at all costs. SAE has a bunch of northern guys; most being from jersey & philly. they do have southern guys, but none of them are stereotypical southern. sae has the best parties & is so much fun. pledging is especially rough for them though. fiji is literally all northern guys. they’re also super chill and throw fun darties. they’re more of a stoner vibe. being from the north, i prefer sae & fiji for those reasons. i was really worried about everyone being super southern, but it wasn’t bad at all and all the northern people find each other and it’s so much fun

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