don't rush

by: Attn PNMs

Take it from someone who rushed with an open mind, then turned out hating it... don't rush. Just do yourself a favor and don't bother. They treat you like a princess until you get initiated and then all your "sisters" turn on you and you realize that none of the girls (in any chapter) know the meaning of sisterhood or morals. If I could do college over again, honestly I would have never even gone through recruitment. Waste of time, energy, and money and I really regret not doing other things in college because the sorority always had to come first. I missed out on a lot because I was trying to impress girls (and other fraternity guys) who really don't care about you and it's just not worth it. Sorry not sorry for making this harsh.

Posted By: Attn PNMs
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#1  by: awwww    

precious!!! thanks for the info but as a greek system we came to the conclusion that no one cares. congrats! you persuaded 0 girls to not go through rush

By: awwww
#2  by: Rush   

And if you're now in the business world - don't join any clubs or professional organizations. They just aren't worth it. The networking and developing relationships is overrated. Plus you really don't want to impressed others or show that you have any drive because joining organizations doesn't demonstrate that. If I was starting my professional career over again - I'd sit on my couch and watch TV.

By: Rush

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