How much does being bottom tier matter?


hi, im a legacy for a bottom tier sorority and i was wondering if i should not list it when signing up so that i don’t automatically get stuck in it. what are the differences between tri sig, dz and dg?

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If you are already going to judge based off of the tiers of this website then that is pretty shallow. You should go through recruitment with an open mind and see what you like for your self, not see which one is the best ranked

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Tiers don't matter at UNCW honestly. Go in with an open mind, if it would mean a a lot to your family to have you be in the same sorority as them and you like the girls you meet from there rank them that way. As far as UNCW goes it doesn't matter who you join, you will have friends in all the sororities and you will have people you don't like in all the sororities. All that matters is you have a good time. (I turned down my mom aunt and grandma's sorority which is known as "top tier" here and ended up in one that is "middle tier" and I couldn't be happier. They asked me back every round but I got the one I ranked first. My room mate is in the one I would have joined if I went my legacy and I love all of the ones I know but it just wasn't for me.)

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Idk I don't think you should go in thinking about the ranks but it's also a fact that while tiers don't matter here as much as at bigger sec schools it still does. Because incoming freshmen/pnms will always judge based on what this site says tiers are and what other people say about each sorority. As a whole dz and tri sig are thought to have nice girls but not the typical sorority vibe and are (trying to be honest here, sorry) thought off as worse and having worse girls. Dg is new and new sororities are always at a disadvantage because they don't have a reputation or a lot of experience. Being in a lower tier sorority doesn't be mean too much but it does determine what frats you'll associate. Being in tri sig, dg, and dz you'll likely associate with lower frats like delta chi, tke, etc..

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You aren't going to get stuck anywhere you don't want to be. Best to go with your gut and ask the opinion of a few people around campus you like and respect. This site isn't entirely accurate because people post self ranks to make their houses look better and "hate" ranks to bring others down.

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