to all pnms

by: btw

To all girls planning to rush in the fall,

The majority posts on this page are written by vicious sorority girls targeting viewers like you to try and get ahead for recruitment. What they say might be true about one or two of the organization's members, but cannot be applied to the group as a whole. The best way to decide which sorority you want to be in is to go into recruitment with an open mind and choose the one that you like best, not based on the lies posted on this site. Also, don't let the negativity of this page prevent you from going Greek, it is a great experience that every one should consider!

Posted By: btw
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#1  by: YES!   

Amen ^^!!! I agree 100%!! GO GREEK!

By: YES!
#2  by: YESS   

EXACTLY. GO GREEK and DON'T BASE YOUR DECISION ON A STUPID WEBSITE LIKE THIS. If everyone had to post their names, NONE of the negative comments would be on here! People are hiding behind anonymity in order to put their sorority ahead/push other sororities down, and it's all dumb. That's why most of the posts are on one extreme or the other--- think about it, a sorority can't be "the best on campus" and "the worst".. yet every single post has both kinds of comments. Decide for yourself! It'll be much more worth it!

#3  by: CarltonPlace   

Disagree. That comment looks like typical garbage coming out of the Greek office. Girls, just ask around and see which fits best for you.

By: CarltonPlace
#4  by: Triple Yes!    

So true! It's best to go in with an open mind with no prior opinions on any org, and you'll end up exactly where you belong!

By: Triple Yes!

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