Who is top house this year?

by: freshie

I’m curious which house everyone thinks is the best this year? I’ve heard Gphia and Kappa fluctuates between top. Also is Theta really as bad as people say? I don’t think I’m interested in AY considering their hz !ng process.

Posted By: freshie
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#1  by: AIO squad   

AIO on top. Come out and meet the guys, they cool af.

By: AIO squad
#2  by: pnm   

i thought i would like gphi but they were so closed off. i thought i would rank them first but i even put theta ahead of them. i’d rather be in a sorority with people i can talk to

By: pnm
#3  by: sororitychick   

the top house at this school is so clear, it’s def gphi , theta was creepy. I would never ever have joined I just dropped recruitment it was horrible. The girls made me so uncomfortable I would rather have no friends.

By: sororitychick

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