i heard this school closed down!

by: honestly

I thought this school closed. Is there a greek system?

Posted By: honestly
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#1  by: greek   

no. UC Merced has never shut down and is growing rapidly. Idno where you would have heard that but check your sources.

By: greek
#2  by: greek   

yes there is a greek system that is why 3 sororities are on here

By: greek
#3  by: Curious   

Any plans for the greek system to expand and invite more fraternities and sororities within the next 5 years or is it fine for now?

By: Curious
by: YEPMar 22, 2015 1:45:53 PM

As the school grows in population, the plan is to grow the Greek System. There are already several NIC and NPC Orgs. expressing interest in colonizing when the school annouces open expansion.

by: GreekgodMay 17, 2016 2:22:15 PM

Do you know what other NIC and NPC orgs expressed interest in colonizing?

By: Greekgod
#4  by: GreekPlus   

Looks like two sororities and two fraternities are colonizing in Spring 2017 (Sigma Theta Psi & Sigma Tau Gamma) and 2018 (Delta Phi Epsilon & Gamma Zeta Alpha)

By: GreekPlus

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