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What fraternities don't do spring rush?

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#1  by: well   

It is really based on how well they can rush in the fall. Older fraternities like KA and SAE EN etc have no problem filling a quota of 40 guys because there's no shortage of rushees showing up there. Newer fraternities, especially smaller ones with less known names get less rushees, so they are always looking for ways to up their numbers. Just because a fraternity is doing spring rush doesn't mean they suck at all, it just means that they are looking to expand their numbers more than they can with one fall pledge class. Beta is probably one of the more well known fraternities that has a spring pledge class. But if you are interested in rushing in the spring, do it right and go to as many as you can. Don't be another douche who is just looking for a big name to hide your insecurities behind, find the fraternity that fits you.

By: well
#2  by: IFC   

Fiji, Beta, and Theta Chi all got over 40 this fall and will do spring rush as they always have. It's more of a tradition thing instead of a quota thing. KA, SAE, and Sigma Nu traditionally don't do spring rush, but those other 3 big names traditionally do. I think everyone except KA, SAE, Sigma Nu, and FH do spring rush.


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