miss homecoming

by: Hmmm

Anyone else kinda surprised/disappointed by the miss homecoming winner? Seems like the other 4 campaigns worked their butts off all week and the winning campaign didn’t really even do anything until voting day. Also still have no clue what her platform was. Why do sororities like KD get to do absolutely nothing and still be considered “top” just from an age old reputation

Posted By: Hmmm
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#1  by: I’m white   

Because white pride world wide

By: I’m white
#2  by: Lol   

Who cares. Miss Homecoming winners don’t actually do anything for society. It’s just a popularity contest

By: Lol
by: HmmmSep 16, 2019 12:37:51 AM

That’s the point of this post...why do we let it be a popularity contest when some girls have real platforms and put in real work

By: Hmmm
#3  by: way of the world   

This is just how voting works period. The candidate, for anything, who can come up with the most votes wins whether you think they 'deserve' it or not. It's called "politics."

By: way of the world
by: ButSep 16, 2019 10:04:52 AM

Unless you have an electoral college. Thank God we do

By: But
by: ^Sep 16, 2019 1:59:22 PM

You're taking this a little too seriously.

By: ^

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