REAL Sorority Ranks (+info)

by: Omega

1) ZTA (hottest, most involved, nicest)
2) KD (huge chapter w/active alumni and very involved on campus)
3) ASA (used to be top, but has fallen in recent years. Hot fun parties hard)
4) SK (biggest philanthropy involvement, not focused on looks)
5) ADPI (boy crazy, but fun and accepting. Also very involved)
6) Tri Sigma (the sweetest girls on campus, but no social life)
7) AGD (pot heads that rant about hating Greek life on Twitter)
8) AST (nice but just lazy and don’t do much)

Posted By: Omega
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#1  by: Smh   

Switch agd and Adpi and your good

By: Smh
by: yepJul 5, 2023 3:51:53 PM

honestly I think KD and Zta are interchangable at this point - both are very strong

By: yep
by: agreeJul 23, 2023 5:46:56 PM

both KD and zeta have beautiful sisters, very involved and active on campus - one is not better than the other -if you go here you know this

By: agree
#2  by: yep   

agree with this one

By: yep
#3  by: G   

I honestly think that ZTA has fallen a decent amount

By: G

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