The truth of Greekrank/PHA

by: phalove

If you're on here to look into joining greek life at Lindenwood, I highly recommend turning around and not looking at the comments on Greekrank. There are harsh and incorrect statements about all sororities listed that you shouldn't be listening to. Truthfully, we have three AMAZING sororities on campus. All three are incredibly diverse groups of women who strive to make a difference in the campus and St. Charles communities. If you really want to learn more about a sorority, reach out and learn more! Each chapter would be more than happy to share more about their sisterhood with you.

Greekrank is a site that does nothing but stirs the pot. People will come up with rumors and post bad ratings on chapters that they had one bad experience with one member from one chapter. These comments are done by people hiding behind a screen, too afraid to actually speak up and work as hard to make a difference as our greek community does. As someone involved heavily in greek life, this site doesn't accurately reflect the hard work these organizations have done.

If you're considering joining a sorority at LU, here are some reasons why you should consider it:

-not only do we have strong sisterhoods in each chapter, but we also have amazing sisterhoods between each chapter in pha. I truly believe that I can go up and start a conversation with other people outside of my chapter and feel welcomed.
-It's not you're average greek life experience... or "'Bama Rush" experience, the chapters are small and honestly feel more like normal groups of people all joined together to make a difference
-There's no better way to get involved than joining greek life. Whether it's a fraternity or sorority, it's an amazing way to establish connections, take on leadership opportunities, and build skills that you'll use throughout your life.

And of course, if you're looking on here and wondering about fraternities, I'd say they're in the same boat. The men in the fraternities on campus here are some of the most amazing men you'll ever meet. They are so incredibly kind and welcoming, and for the most part I don't know of anyone who fits the mold of the frat guy that just wants to get into your pants. These men are highly involved on campus and you'll always catch them involved in leadership positions.

All in all, we have an amazing greek life at Lindenwood. It's not like rush-tok with a bunch of toxic people, and it definitely is nothing like the rankings you find on this site. If you've had a positive experience in greek life, feel free to respond to this discussion and try to change the atmosphere of this site to reflect the positivity our FSL organizations radiate

Posted By: phalove
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