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Zeta Tau Alpha sorority chapter comments at Lamar University - LU

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#1  by: Greek card   

Someone has their panties in a wad because they probably didn't get a bid. Sorry were NOT sorry. Go adpi, they will take you!

By: Greek card
#2  by: PIKE   

ADPi and ZETA each have their strong points. If you want a good classy girl to take home to mama, go find an ADPi. Some of their girls will play video games, party harder than a frat boy, and outsmart their professors. If you want a girl that hops between your sheets and rides you until you're dry, get yourself a ZETA. Their girls are the hottest on campus, but you're giving up some personality for that. And if you want some of each, go AChiO.

#3  by: Cardinal   

Looking at Zeta is like walking down the Barbie isle. That's a Barbie I don't want. Congratulations. You're all blonde with a token brunette.

By: Cardinal

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