sophomore or junior transfer-rush and prices

by: Possible Transfer

How competitive is joining a sorority here? Do I need letters of recommendation to have a good chance at getting a bid to any of the sororities?

Also, what is the average price of a sorority at Lamar? I just need an average but if possible, could you please tell me the highest and lowest prices?

Posted By: Possible Transfer
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#1  by: Hello   

It depends where you want to go.
ADPI takes in many girls.
AXO always has a less quota to meet- meaning they can only take a few girls in.
ZTA does the most cuts.

If you have a letter of recommendation for a certain sorority that you are trying to get in, that puts in a good word. (I think) If you are a legacy, I think your chance of getting in is very high.

I believe the dues range from 150-200 a month, but it might be more for NMs due to extra things you might have to buy.

Welcome to LU!! Can't wait to see you at recruitment!!

By: Hello

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