Rushing spring KD ADPI CHIO?

by: Rush

I am seeing kd adpi chio i am a freshman are these the top tier sororities

Posted By: Rush
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#1  by: ye   

Yes KD and Chi O are top tiers. Adpi is third but definitely not anywhere near the top two. They are more like the sorority that takes the girls rejected from top or blacklisted.

By: ye
by: NahDec 7, 2021 9:06:05 AM

The person who responded to this is obv a chi o lol just keep in mind that the competitive sororities will come on here to bash others in hopes of changing freshmen’s minds lol sad

By: Nah
by: okDec 17, 2021 1:04:00 PM

whoever commented this is def in adpi lol. it’s a known fact kd and chi o are top. girls in adpis pc cried for days cause they didn’t make the top two

By: ok

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