kappa being insensitive

by: curious

Wait what happened with kappa lmaooo? They can't just tease us like that on their ig

Posted By: curious
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#1  by: not good   

a current member commented on an Instagram post of other current members saying “join the kkk” followed by “I mean the kkg.” A football player took a screenshot and sent it to kappa’s insta, and the member who posted the comment dm’d him “Hey. I saw that you screenshotted my comment and sent it to our kappa Instagram. I never meant it in an offensive way nor ever meant it to be screenshotted and took it (sic) like that. It was a complete joke now I can get in huge trouble and so can our whole sorority. I’m just suppose (sic) to text you to clear things up” she didn’t even apologize

By: not good
by: not goodOct 6, 2019 9:40:58 PM

he posted a screenshot of her dm too

By: not good
#2  by: yikes   

just saw the pic the white dresses don’t help

By: yikes
#3  by: OMG   

What’s her Instagram? And who’s the fb player?

by: StopOct 6, 2019 11:23:24 PM

Why is that relevant at all? So you can bully her? get a life you have 0 to do with this situation...

By: Stop
by: not goodOct 6, 2019 11:50:16 PM

Her account was already deactivated, and I don’t want her to get bullied. The football player’s story timed out, and I also don’t want him to get bullied. @Stop that wasn’t very nice, people are going to ask questions and responding like that isn’t helpful

By: not good
by: Not helpfulOct 7, 2019 1:17:19 AM

What’s not helpful @notgood is anyone joking about white supremacy. People should ask questions. And there should be consequences for this girl and her sorority.

By: Not helpful
by: StopOct 7, 2019 7:29:35 AM

Enough... u guys don’t know this girl! I’m positive her sorority is dragging her through the dirt (along with the girls in her sorority) and so is everyone who is reposting what she said. She even deactivated her Instagram. The fact of the matter is that nobody deserves to be talked about online, so if you have something to say to this girl then say it to her face if you are so inclined for her to suffer for what she said. (By the way, I totally agree that what she said is absolutely not ok, but people make mistakes and don’t think, but that doesn’t make them a bad person. We all say stuff we don’t mean or don’t think about beforehand - I’m sure you guys have too!!

By: Stop
by: not goodOct 7, 2019 1:35:47 PM

@Stop confused by your response cause nobody is saying anything bad about her as a person—just acknowledging her poor decisions. Difference between saying “wow she is a bad person” and “wow that was a bad choice.” I am saying it was a bad choice, and I don’t want anyone to get bullied (including the football player) so no names should be included here. We’re saying the same thing gf

By: not good
#4  by: Instagram   

Names or it didn’t happen!

By: Instagram
#5  by: aa   

already back on ig lmao

By: aa
by: ekkkkOct 12, 2019 1:06:14 AM

what her ig

By: ekkkk
by: aaOct 13, 2019 11:50:37 PM

check my nickname

By: aa
#6  by: ekkkk   

kappas pc is nothing special what so ever. interestinngggggg group of girls

By: ekkkk
by: hahaOct 14, 2019 9:35:38 AM

@ekkkk you realize that we can see it’s the same person ripping on a phi and kappa in all these discussions from the nickname? probably a theta that’s desperate to become top house

By: haha
#7  by: Sad   

You can’t post a pic of a group all dressed in white and reference KKK and not expect people to be sensitive. This was tasteless and the poster is a college student so should have had enough brains to know better.

By: Sad
by: wtfOct 16, 2019 10:15:52 PM

And her boyfriend is black

By: wtf
#8  by: breaking news   

She just hooked up w the football player to make up for what she said as an apology

By: breaking news
#9  by: Yep   


By: Yep
#10  by: HTA   



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