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I am familiar with the tiers from reading previous posts but was wondering if someone could give me like the general pros/cons of each sorority? Just trying to collect all the Info I can before the fall.

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#1  by: truth   

Pro: Influential, confident, popular. If these girls are your people you'll know right away! They are probably one of the most "stereotypical", which isn't a bad thing necessarily!
Con- Not especially involved. If you're joining solely for service and community, they may not end up being your top choice.

Pro- definitely a fun group of girls, I would also describe them as stereotypical. A little more involved than theta. Theta and AXO are two sides of the same coin, very similar it just depends on you.
Con- A lot of nasty rumors. about them, some sisters can be a little air heady.

Phi Sig-
Pro- A solid mid but rising. These girls are very similar to KD. They keep to themselves which can be viewed as a pro.
Con- on the same side, they are not. especially involved and only socialize w frats, not really with the other sororities.

KD- See phi sig review

Pro- very lowkey, very nice and they definitely don't have a stereotypical look to them. Girl next door kind of, and down to earth. Decently involved.
Con- Sometimes they're so lowkey they don't participate or show up to things. Can sometimes be viewed as apathetic.

Chi O
Pro- very involved and very hard working. They are determined to rise. If you want nice girls like GPHI but you want to be more "known" theyre for you.
Con- very showed, not as organic and down to earth as they could be but still nice girls

Pro- very involved, very smart, highest gpa on campus I think.
Con- seen as boring, they don't have many socials

Tri Delta
Pro- new and still making a name for themselves.
Con- very nasty rumors about them circulating recently. Seems like they let anyone in

By: truth
#2  by: already asked   

someone already asked about the stereotypes kind of recently in the thread “sororities to avoid?” I’ll bump it for you

By: already asked

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