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by: Portland Gal

I am a Delta Gamma legacy and hope to be a freshman at PSU in the Fall. I heard that DG is coming to PSU next year. Will they be participating in recruitment? I've heard both yes and no. Thanks.

Posted By: Portland Gal
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#1  by: Nah   

New sororities usually have an "info" round and that's it for formal recruiting. They will get their new pledges through personal individual interview...

By: Nah
#2  by: beachgreek   

I've read that they're coming in either 2017 or 2018.

By: beachgreek
#3  by: Go greek    

You can look on the DG website- it says that they're tabling sept. 28 @ party in the park. They also gave an email address you can contact, I'm sure they'll be glad to answer any questions. Being a founder of a chapter is a really rewarding experience- but also check out other orgs to see what you like best!

By: Go greek

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