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by: Wondering

Over the summer, while considering going through recruitment, I spent time looking at websites and social media for sororities here. I didn't see many black women at all. Now that school and recruitment will be starting, I am still considering going through recruitment. Am I wasting my time? I am from out of state and I realize that the Black population here is small, but will it keep me from getting into a house? P.S. My grades are outstanding, I was president of my senior class, on prom court and have won music awards. My family is encouraging me to try, but I don't want to let them down.

Posted By: Wondering
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#1  by: Really?????   

So no one is going to encourage this girl? Thanks for your honesty. I think she has her answer.

By: Really?????
#2  by: scoducksss!   

You should definitely still go through recruitment. Many chapters have DEI committees and are working on their diversity initiatives. Please go through recruitment and give it a try!

By: scoducksss!
by: Oh, pleaseSep 25, 2023 11:07:21 PM

This makes me sad. It's 2023. They should have worked on their DEI initiatives 25 years ago.

By: Oh, please
#3  by: Truthy   

I see women of color in KD. Look closer.

By: Truthy
#4  by: Gre3k   

There is no harm in going through recruitment and ultimately deciding for yourself if you feel that the phc community is for you! UofO does have a predominantly white student body which is reflected in the sororities but I would say that the percent of poc in Greek life accurately reflects the percent of the school as a whole. As a poc in a sorority, I can definitely say there is a home for anyone and sometimes chapters are just working with the pictures girls submit for social media and it might not reflect the full diversity of that chapter!

By: Gre3k

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