2022 End of year - Srat/Frat Rankings

by: Sorority girl


Top- Fiji, Sigma Chi, SAE
Upper Mid - Sigma Nu, DSig, Lambda
Mid - ASig, DTD, Theta Chi
Lower Mid - Kappa Sig, Pike, ATO
Bottom - The Rest


Top - Chi O, Alpha Phi, Pi Phi
Upper Mid - DG, Kappa
Mid - AXO, KD, Tri-Delta
Bottom - The Rest

Posted By: Sorority girl
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#1  by: No   

Tri delt isn’t relevants/same level as theta and gphi

By: No
by: Pi phiJan 28, 2023 10:31:09 PM

Pi pho not top anymore

By: Pi phi
#2  by: Stop self ranking   

Jesus fiji. You just look pathetic. You are barely a middle tier group and have never been top

By: Stop self ranking
by: YepJul 26, 2022 12:52:48 PM

Bump this

By: Yep
#3  by: almost   

getting better

By: almost
by: This looks rightMar 13, 2023 1:14:26 AM

One of the most correct rankings I’ve seen on here.

By: This looks right
#4  by: but    

Tri Delt isn’t relevant and the girls are rude/horse girls. Down with gphi and theta

By: but
by: Ok..Aug 29, 2022 7:33:42 PM

Calling girls horse girls is rude too. Grow up!

By: Ok..
by: My bAug 31, 2022 12:37:15 PM

Did that hit too close to home tridelts? 😂 don’t insult a southern LA girls only hobby!

By: My b
by: Bad teethSep 6, 2022 11:50:51 PM

Lambdas have bad teeth

By: Bad teeth
by: Bad teeth lambdasSep 15, 2022 6:57:06 PM

Definitely agree that Lame-dish have bad teeth.

By: Bad teeth lambdas
by: Lambda’s bad teethOct 30, 2022 1:20:18 AM

Why does all the Lambdas have such bad teeeth? Yikes!

By: Lambda’s bad teeth
#5  by: This is it.   

The most accurate I’ve seen in awhile

By: This is it.
#6  by: Frat   

Pi phi is not top anymore sorry

By: Frat
by: Pi PhiJan 4, 2023 1:49:10 PM

Pi Phi is still good

By: Pi Phi
#7  by: Yep   

Yeah accurate

By: Yep
#8  by: Truth    

Most accurate rankings I’ve seen in awhile

By: Truth
#9  by: pathetic    

FIJI boys running this site self rankings themselves still 😭😭 get a life yall pathetic and not on top anymore

By: pathetic
by: Says the LambdaSep 28, 2022 10:46:21 PM

Ok Lambda.. we all know you’re the troll on this site with the self ranks and toxicity. You should get a life and grow up!

By: Says the Lambda
by: Lol. Sep 29, 2022 6:53:44 PM

Lambda wouldn’t care about Fiji. No threat.

By: Lol.
by: Lame-duhOct 4, 2022 7:44:36 PM

Get it right.. Lame-duhs are no threat to Fiji

By: Lame-duh
#10  by: switch frats   

All of the upper mid and top frats should be switched. That would be more accurate.

By: switch frats
by: Fiji not topOct 7, 2022 1:27:48 AM

Move Fiji to upper mid and you got it right

By: Fiji not top
by: This Is itNov 9, 2022 1:47:02 AM

Finally, someone got the rankings right

By: This Is it

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