Fraternity Ranks Spring term

by: Ranks

Top: Lambda Sigchi
Almost Top: SAE Fiji SigNu
Solid: DSig ATO ASig Pike
Pretty good: KSig ThetaChi Pikapp Beta
Small: ChiPsi DeltaUpsilon PhiDelt PhiPsi
RIP: Sammy

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#1  by: Nah these ranks are bad   

Move Lamdba to mid

By: Nah these ranks are bad
by: Greek ExpertApr 2, 2023 1:43:30 AM

Move Lambda to the top by themselves

By: Greek Expert
by: a girlApr 4, 2023 9:42:02 PM

Lambda was first choice of rushees but also the most selective so they bid less than 10% of rushees

By: a girl
#2  by: Top Houses   

Sig Chi, Lamdba, SAE (although technically out), Fiji, D Sig,

By: Top Houses
#3  by: Facts   

Sig chi’s parties have been dead and lambda can’t throw at their darty spots this ain’t it

By: Facts
#4  by: Mo   

Big gap after #1 Lambda

By: Mo
#5  by: Greek Insider   

Lambda #1 Massive gap after Lambda

By: Greek Insider
#6  by: Greek Expert   

Bump me

By: Greek Expert
by: SororityviewJan 30, 2023 12:16:04 AM

Rush guide

By: Sororityview
#7  by: THE Internet   

Lambda sb at the top by themselves

By: THE Internet
#8  by: duck cuck   

spot on

By: duck cuck
#9  by: Greek Expert   

Bump me

By: Greek Expert
#10  by: SN   

Acurate bump this

By: SN

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