Sorority 2022 Ranks

by: Honesty

Okay so as a rising senior, being honest every sorority rank you find on this website is all personal opinion. Everyone is going to debate which sorority is a “top” one and while the same few will be considered bottom tier the girls in those sorority still (for the most part) really do love the organization they are in. This website is much more toxic then the actual recruitment and Greek life presence on campus is and you find many girls interacting from different organizations.

The real ranks come from the experience you have during recruitment. Go in with an open mind and no expectations and figure out where you feel most at home. Not what some website that is fueled by spiteful intentions of bringing down other organizations to make theirs look better says. This is a sorority you are joining for life, and as long as you feel like you belong and enjoy it that is all that matters. Not what a ton of comments on a random website think!

Posted By: Honesty
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