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Hi, i'm planning on rushing this year and i sort of want a heads up on each sorority. I read through each of their pages, but they all have mixed opinions. I know it's different for everyone, but what would you say the best ones are? I don't want to be associated with drama, and i just want to have fun and meet new people honestly.

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Greek rank is not the place you want to be.

By: ..
#2  by: Please   

Please don't worry about which ones are "the best" just look for girls that you click best with. Do this, and you will find the experience you're looking for regardless of which sorority you join.

By: Please
#3  by: :)   

anyone but Aphi!!!

By: :)
by: ODUFeb 28, 2021 12:48:26 PM

True! But anyone wanting Alpo Free can’t read, draw a picture. Superficial racism culture from the top to the bottom of the tiers.

#4  by: Rush   

Don’t base your opinions off of what other people say. Just trust your guy and run home to wherever you feel the most comfortable and somewhere that can push you to be the best you! You’ll know when you go through recruitment, regardless if it’s virtual or not! Each chapter has something great to offer!

By: Rush
#5  by: Former DZ   

I would 10/10 not recommend going DZ. They have very strict social media rules, while having no clear rules. They tell you “don’t post something you don’t want your grandma to see” and depending on if they like you or not, will be the base on if you’re allowed to post stuff or not. They also don’t really care about their sisters, they only care to hear about the drama and not the real issues. Some sisters are great, but the leadership is terrible. Tbh it kinda feels like the girls who got bullied in HS get leadership positions and then just bully everyone else below them

By: Former DZ
by: N/AMar 25, 2021 11:20:14 AM

If you were a former DZ and this is how you talk about your former sisters then you go sum real issues going on in your life. It seems like you have something else happening in your life so maybe you should go redirect that to the actual problem. Do something productive instead of sitting behind a screen and going after people who I'm sure have more maturity in their pinky fingers than you do in your whole body.

By: N/A

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