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What is the recent ranking for the fraternities on campus? I have heard mixed reviews about all of them.

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#1  by: GreekLifeNSU   

There are now four fraternities on campus. Kappa Sigma, Beta Theta Pi, FIJI, and Phi Delta Theta.

By: GreekLifeNSU
#2  by: Greeky   

In my opinion I think that Phi Delt will blow all of the other fraternities out of the water when it comes to recruitment this year. All of the fraternities are cool and have great members but Phi Delt will be popular among the freshman and other guys who did not want to join any of the other fraternities in my opinion.

By: Greeky
#3  by: greekgirl   

FIJI has really moved up in rank over the years and they continue to make a good presence on campus. They're fun to be around. Kappa Sigma has been near the top over the years but I think FIJI or Phi Delta Theta will begin to outrank them due to their successful recruitment this year.

By: greekgirl
#4  by: Correction   

Now there is only one fraternity remaining at NSU...Phi Delta Theta. The other 3 are gone according to the updated Greek Life website. There are still the Multicultural, Latino and Divine Nine fraternities.

By: Correction
#5  by: Curious   

What are the chances of getting ZBT to come to NSU?

By: Curious

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