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by: Go Cats

Greek life here is becoming a joke. The Greek life office and administration try to control everything. Every event has to be registered, even if it’s a pre-game at a “satellite” house, like what? If you’re a member of a Greek organization and you’re having a few friends over, that’s considered an event? But non-Greek students, who may be members of other student organizations can have friends over and not be punished? Since the removal of Phi Sig, the Greek life office has really cracked down. No wonder why the numbers for fraternity fall recruitment were so low.

Posted By: Go Cats
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#1  by: ZD for Life   

I'm going to suggest you take this up with the new Greek Life Coordinator bro, Jimbo Gulbranson. He's a really nice guy and open to discussing anything Greek related or anything you want to talk about for that matter

By: ZD for Life
by: Greek GuyMar 25, 2021 2:18:18 PM

Jimbo is great! He'll talk your ear off ;)

By: Greek Guy
#2  by: the Internet   

Miss you bro!

By: the Internet

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