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I am applying to unf and may be interested in greek life, Who threw the best parties this fall?

Posted By: curious
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Greek life sucks at UNF. None of the frats do much here. You’d better go to a bigger state school where Greek life actually matters like UF or FSU.

By: Fratstuff
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Greek life is more than just throwing parties. If that is all you’re looking to do, don’t join.

By: $cholarship
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Area 51.

By: Aliens
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KA threw the best parties this fall & anyone who disagrees doesn't know what's up

By: unpopular opinion
by: SquidsNov 19, 2019 1:20:15 PM

Y’all don’t even get 200 people for a party

By: Squids
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Kappa Sigma, Sigma Chi and KA had the best parties if we’re being completely honest

By: The truth

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