Winning, but that’s nothing new


Kappa Sigma got the best pledge class, they throw the best parties, they win all of the important sorority events, have the best relations with the top sororities, are the largest chapter on campus full of the best looking guys, and have the best houses at UNF. So please elaborate on how any other fraternity competes with them, I’d love to hear it

Posted By: SQUIDS
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bro they’re not gonna give you a bid for this you don’t have to post this stuff it’s okay dude

By: okay
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Well that fact that one of your own brothers just posted this about yourself is pretty sad

By: Uh
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It’s astonishing that kappa sigma has brothers that write these things about themselves, looks like y’all need to work on your chapter a bit because the insecurity is leaking out

By: Okay buddy
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Y’all didn’t win crown classic

By: Zeta crown classic
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I’m sorry what have y’all won again

By: What
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Seems like you’ve lost Zeta Roundup too....

By: Oof

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