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I'm transferring from a southern school that big with greek life. I'm in kappa sig which is pretty good where I'm at, how is it here?

Posted By: transfer
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Hate to break it to yah but they're lower middle tier here. Sorry

By: sucks
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Hey Brother,
I'm a member of the Delta-Mu chapter of Kappa Sigma at UND, we are a growing 68 man chapter that is thriving and growing on campus. When you arrive on campus this Fall, come over to the chapter house. We're located at the end of frat row on University ave, two houses down from University park. Looking forward to meeting you.

By: Dan
by: WowJun 9, 2018 3:30:38 AM

Anyone else concerned that kappa sigma is on here 24/7

By: Wow
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Join sigma chi

By: Quit.
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Heard they were top

By: Aphi

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