new pledge classes

by: justcurious

Thoughts on new sorority pledge classes? Any changes in tiers?

Posted By: justcurious
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#1  by: Hello   

Tiers don’t normally change from just one pledge class imo. A lot of classes were smaller than normal but that’s just bc their were less girls going through. Want to spread some positivity though AOII’s pledge class looked good way to work hard!

By: Hello
#2  by: Wow   

Honestly disgusting that we call a pledge class good/bad based on looks. The long process of recruitment is based on way more than that. Building a bond and connection with women you will call friends for the rest of your life is what it’s truly about

By: Wow
by: Well,Oct 20, 2019 5:01:08 PM

Just because girls are beautiful on the outside doesn't mean that they aren't fun, smart, popular, and great sisters. You sound like a bigot. "All beautiful girls are bad".

By: Well,
#3  by: Greek   

Definitely harder moving up in ranks easier moving down. Just look at some of the houses.

By: Greek
#4  by: Bye bye    

Let’s be honest Greek Life on this campus is dying and on way out; tiers and who has hot pledges are irrelevant at this point.

By: Bye bye

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