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by: PNM from AZ

So I am planning to rush a sorority this Aug. at NMSU and i was just wondering- how many people are in each house? And what are the personalities like in each house? Also, what will rush week look like here?

Posted By: PNM from AZ
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#1  by: ha   

All the houses are a mixed bagged of girls. This is NMSU, not UA, ASU, TTU, etc. so as long as your a functioning human being and are somewhat sociable, you can get into any house, even the "top" sorority at NMSU. You can look at the greeklife website to see what rush entails, you pretty much just go to every house for a whole week and meet people. Human interaction, thats all it is.
Oh, and the houses range from 45-60 girls(pre fall graduation, probably lot lower now) the sororities are capped off at 60 right now I think.

By: ha

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