can grad students be involved in greek life?

by: grad student

I am starting grad school at NMSU and did my undergrad somewhere else. I was in a fraternity there but the chapter does not exist at NMSU. Would it be possible to have some involvement with a social student group or maybe an adviser type role for a chapter in greek life? Or maybe a chapter won't care about my prior affiliation? I don't know anyone on campus and always felt at home in the greek system.

Posted By: grad student
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#1  by: kk   

calm down

By: kk
#2  by: Tena   

Hey bro sorry that I am just now seeing this, but come check out the TKE table next week and talk with myself or one of the boys

By: Tena
#3  by: aggieup   

what fraternity were you a part of there?
p.s- tke is not somewhere you want to go to

By: aggieup

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