by: truth

Don't let ASA fool you with their self ranking. They don't know any of their sisters; at recruitment they don't know the name of the girl they're swapping with in conversation. You will be lost and you will be forgotten. Once the appeal of being a shiny new toy wears off, you're just a number.

Posted By: truth
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#1  by: Hahahaha   

Its SUPER funny that AOIi got negative rankings as soon as ASA got "positive rankings." I wonder how that happened;) classiest at its finest, well done a sigs.

By: Hahahaha
#2  by: NationalHQASA   

Unless you're an inside source or a member of ASA, how can you say something like that? Sisterhood is important, and the Theta Alpha chapter takes their sister seriously.

By: NationalHQASA
#3  by: Hahahaha   

NationalHQASA?!? Nice try sweetie. Go self rank harder.

By: Hahahaha

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