what are the real sorority rankings here?

by: Haylie

What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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#1  by: How it REALLY is   

1. KAO- althetic, concerned with popularity, mostly very nice and fun girls
2. KKG- eclectic group of girls, not too concerned with how their viewed, very genuine and upfront
3. DDD- very concerned with popularity, classy, mostly nice
4. ADPi- great girls, not very many of them, kind of awkward.

By: How it REALLY is
#2  by: NotTrue   

^^ Assessments like that vary from person to person.

By: NotTrue
#3  by: true   

1. Tri Delt
2. ADPi
3. Theta
4. Kappa

By: true
by: AgreeJul 28, 2015 1:11:07 PM

These rankings are very representative of how things have been since this last bid day, not how they are traditionally. However, this seems to be the way that things are moving

By: Agree

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