2023 Fraternity/Sorority Trends

by: trending

Lambda {no change}

Upper Mid:
DU {trending ⬆️}
DX {trending ⬇️}
SNu, ZBT {no change}

Beta {trending ⬆️}
Phi Psi {trending ⬇️}
Kappa Sig, AEPi, Theta Chi {no change}

Sig Pi, Pi Kap, Phi Sig {no change}
A Sig, AGR {no change}

Fiji {no change}

A Phi {no change}

AXO {trending ⬇️}
AOii, Kappa {trending ⬆️}
Sig Kap {no change}
GPhi {trending ⬇️}

DG {no change}
Chi O {trending ⬆️}
Theta {no change}

AEphi {no change}

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#1  by: Nope   

Written by an AOii or Kappa

By: Nope
#2  by: Right   

Lambda ⬆️⬆️⬆️

By: Right
by: SororityviewDec 2, 2022 1:42:43 AM

Lambda like fine cream always rises to the top. When 99% of rushees have Lambda as their goal its hard not to be at the top.

By: Sororityview
by: NahDec 2, 2022 8:01:32 PM

Lambda go touch grass

By: Nah
#3  by: Peace   

Hey now let’s have some pan love here! APhi SigKap and AXO all have great girls and many are good friends with each other too! Cheers to holding each sorority @Cal Poly up and supporting one another!

By: Peace
by: DumbDec 7, 2022 4:30:53 PM

Every girl has friends in every house. No one group hangs out with just a few houses. That’s one of the most ridic statements on GR. And there are a lot of ridic statements.

Being in a “top” house doesn’t make you prettier or nicer than anyone else. Lots of “top” houses that girls are miserable in.

By: Dumb
by: and love Dec 7, 2022 4:34:23 PM

I’d also like some Panhel love here too but sig kap pays to remove posts like it’s the only job they have. Let’s start with Sig Kap ending their massive censoring campaign and slow their roll on BS posts about themselves being top. It’s borderline vicious. But also telling.

They’re solid middle. Nothing wrong with that.

By: and love
by: APhiJan 7, 2023 11:00:30 PM

Rush guide

By: APhi
#4  by: CD   

Settle down AXO you are still relevant. More like APhi, SigKap, Axo all on same tier.

By: CD
#5  by: Actual   

Lambda below DU and DX

By: Actual
#6  by: Yep   

That’s why Lambda and APhi are obsessed with each other. They are both the only top tier fraternity and sorority and pairing with anyone else would be considered an embarassment.

By: Yep
by: your momDec 26, 2022 8:17:13 PM

Whose mom is on GR rn

By: your mom
#7  by: Truth Hurts   

bump me

By: Truth Hurts
#8  by: SN   

Bump me

By: SN
#9  by: Greek Expert   

Bump this

By: Greek Expert
#10  by: truth   

bump this

By: truth

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