what are the real sorority rankings here?

by: Haylie

What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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#1  by: ilovegreeklife   

Phi Mu and Theta - a close toss up for #1. can't decide
ChiO - #2
ADPi - #3

By: ilovegreeklife
by: SDFeb 6, 2015 7:51:10 AM

This is the best one.

By: SD
#2  by: Ermergerd   

Theta 1
Chi O 2
ADPi 3
Phi Mu 4

By: Ermergerd
#3  by: Steve-O   

1 Phi Mu
2 Chi O
3 Theta
4. ADPi

By: Steve-O
by: BlahBlahSep 17, 2013 6:09:01 AM

I'm a GDI, and I think this is the most accurate ranking. All of them have nice people in them. The difference comes into play when you start to look at appearance, popularity, and overall feel of the sorority. I think most people on campus would agree with this ranking the most.

By: BlahBlah
#4  by: Reen   

All houses are on an equal playing field. Each house has its own personality with a different group of girls to try and rank them is a little ridiculous. Depending on your personality you will see where you fit. The best thing you can do is go through formal recruitment and take each house into consideration.

By: Reen
#5  by: hey   

putting Phi Mu below AdPi is a joke. Phi Mu is first, or maybe Theta. Chi O would be after both of them and AdPi is last. Theta has the very funny, nice girls. Phi Mu has the highest GPA, most athletes, and in some other opinions, the hottest girls. Theta and Phi Mu are the only good ones.

By: hey
#6  by: let's be real here   

Chi-o and theta are such jokes now, why are you trying to put them so far up? Theta can't keep themselves together enough to keep a good chunk of their new members and chi-o's are just rude. It should really be:

Phi Mu

at least ADPi's are nice and can keep their act together

By: let's be real here
#7  by: Blythe Life   

Top Tier - Phi Mu and Chi O
Upper Mid Tier - Theta (A former Top Tier that is making a comeback.)
Mid Tier - ADPi

By: Blythe Life
#8  by: <3Greek   

When I was there it was:

1- Theta
2- Chi-O
3- Phi Mu
4- ADPi

It changes every few years.

By: <3Greek
by: DestoyerMay 26, 2015 2:33:39 PM

by popularity I would say...
1. Phi Mu & Chi O
2. Theta
3. ADPi

and by sisterhood...
1. Phi Mu
2. ADPi
3. Chi O
4. Theta

By: Destoyer
#9  by: Peace   

I think it's unfair to rank since everyone is a bit bias. All sororities offer something that makes them stand out. Phi Mu is very philanthropic, Chi O focussed highly on academics, ADPi has a strong sisterhood, and Thetas are very kind and supportive...they all are amazing and should not be judged by a few people.

By: Peace

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