Sorority Cold dorms

by: AL

What sororities at Butler utilize cold dorms? Thanks in advance.

Posted By: AL
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#1  by: Ok   

I know for sure DG does have cold dorms and kappa does not, I know more sororities do I just don’t know which ones

By: Ok
by: fratNov 1, 2021 8:35:32 PM

DG literally has to wake up their sisters instead of using an alarm …

By: frat
#2  by: srat   

Axo does
Aphi does not
Dg does
Tridelt does not
Theta has a mix
Kappa does not
Pi phi does not

I think this is right

By: srat
#3  by: :)    

Please don’t let cold dorms scare you or make you not choose a house you love! When I was a freshman the cold dorms scared me but I LOVE sleeping in one!

By: :)
#4  by: Butler Alum   

Pi Phi has a mix actually. I loved the cold dorm when I lived in. One of the main reasons I have to be in a cold room to sleep!

By: Butler Alum

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