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by: NPHC

Does anybody know if we'll EVER have Kappas on campus?! Are they gone permanently or just suspended for a couple years?

Posted By: NPHC
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#1  by: GSU Representative   

There is no place for immoral and unethical students who lack brotherhood and only condone abuse against their fellow man rather than fidelity. The Kappa Theta Chapter at GSU are permanently removed after confirmed hazings over many decades at our institution. They will never be on campus again to answer your question.

By: GSU Representative
by: KT NupeMay 28, 2018 1:00:45 AM

The first sentence in the above statement has nothing to do with the question asked and is a thesis statement rather than a response. The second sentence is untrue. The chapter was not suspended for decades long hazing at GSU. The more correct answer is, at this time it is uncertain when/if the Nupes will be back on campus. It is worth noting that the return is possible and any conclusion that suggests "never" is based on an uneducated wish and not the facts.

By: KT Nupe
by: hopefulMay 28, 2018 3:28:10 PM


By: hopeful
by: KT is Gone Jul 14, 2018 7:05:09 PM

To the KT Nupe:
The chapter is dead. Hazing hurts the frat and is cowardice. If you are so educated with your remarks, why did you allow this to happen to the chapter? Why don't you bring it back? It's been 9 years, still no plan?
In other words, get over yourself because you did NOTHING to prevent this. The chapter lacked leadership and ethics, and turned their chapter over to a bunch of thugs.
Grow up and start a new chapter already......but we know that you won't.....as I said,9 years plus.....


By: KT is Gone
by: Accountability Sep 4, 2018 6:38:50 AM

So yall gone suspend the white frats? Because everybody knows what goes on behind those closed doors. or do their parents pay yall too much to care about the immorality, unethical behavior, infidelity, and fake brotherhood in regards to them?

By: Accountability
#2  by: Info    

The only way the can come back is if someone starts a new chapter at Georgia State. The chapter that was permanently suspended will never be able to return. Hopefully that answers your question.

By: Info
#3  by: listen   

Contact the graduate chapter in this area to see what can be done.

By: listen
#4  by: Ha   

My dad is a member of a local grad chapter. He told me it would be difficult but not impossible and It would take a lot of money and resources to bring the chapter back.

By: Ha
#5  by: KT is Gone    

They will NEVER return as hazing is frowned upon and those responsible for the closing of this chapter are cowards and do not represent the spirit of Kappa.

KT Nupe
The truth shall set you free.

By: KT is Gone
#6  by: Accountability    

To “KT is Gone”

you paper. i can definitely tell. if you knew what the founders had to go theu to get those letters (in EVERY greek org) then you would have never made that comment. it is very evident you just paid your fees and picked up your letters at the local farmer’s market.

By: Accountability
by: So sad for your denialSep 28, 2018 6:30:36 PM

This is simply truth spoken from one of the KT's Founders.

Paper you say?
Founder Young Fool

By: So sad for your denial
#7  by: KT NUPE   

The narrative that KT WILL NEVER come back is false. FYI we don’t have KT FOUNDERS, We have charter members. We WILL be back. Legends never die...The school is the only thing keeping us from coming back. Stop lying on my chapter

by: OH YEAHJun 25, 2019 6:51:28 PM

Fight for the chapter and get things back in motion. KT is what we need on the yard at GSU. It was a thriving org.

#8  by: Wtf   

Stop asking this. Contact the org or the Greek life office. This is the least resourceful thing you could do.

By: Wtf
#9  by: Real Answer   

Google GSU Kappas. Find the link to the Dean of Students findings and read the last bullet point. The site won't let me post the actual link...

By: Real Answer
#10  by: Kappa    

The Kappa Theta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. has a history of hazing and a lineage filled of ignorant members that hold on to practices not condoned nor represent the ideals of the fraternity’s founders. The charter should remain revoked as they should NEVER receive approval to reestablish an official presence at GSU. Simply put their formal chapters members are made up of criminals and the alumni oversight is atrocious.

By: Kappa
by: MeTheFactsMay 12, 2024 11:02:31 AM

Criminals?? I read that report and it never referred to the members of Kappa Theta as criminals.

By: MeTheFacts

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