by: Ederio52

So I heard 2 SAE pledges filmed themselves raping a sorority girl as "pledge points" can anyone confirm or deny this.

Posted By: Ederio52
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#1  by: Sae   

Are u sure they were pledges?

By: Sae
#2  by: Ederioagain   

Idk this is just what I heard , I also heard that they make the pledges tackle people in the quad at night . Probably just bullsjit but I do know 2 pledges mysteriously dropped.

By: Ederioagain
#3  by: reply to ederioagain   

I a member of another fraternity on campus and am very close with SAE here and I can tell you that this is certainly deny this. It is 100 percent fake.

By: reply to ederioagain
#4  by: reply to ederioagain2   

Also if you think pledges tackled people in the quad at night why dont you go out there? lmao you could stand out there every night of the year and not get tackled by any Greek member

By: reply to ederioagain2

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