Rush FOMO. May want to join but not piphi or dphi

by: Bruh

Do other sororities COB besides piphi and Dphi? I’m a sophomore and I’m having second thoughts about not rushing, but wouldn’t like to join either of those sororities for personal reasons.

Posted By: Bruh
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#1  by: h   

Why not pi phi or dphie? Try cob for them and then make your decision

By: h
#2  by: Truth   

I’m not 100% sure but you can ask your friends in other sororities if they are. Ik all the other chapters made quota this year tho so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the only two. If you don’t want to cob either of them that’s ok, maybe greek life just isn’t for you and that’s ok

By: Truth
#3  by: ks   

can't blame u for avoiding piphi. They even talk smack about each other!

By: ks
#4  by: joan   

Pi Phi offers membership to everyone regardless of personal appearance and gender.

By: joan
#5  by: Rush cob    

Same. Thought about Dphie but their Instagram was bad vibes

By: Rush cob
by: ?Feb 10, 2023 11:32:13 PM

lmao looks p normal to me

By: ?
#6  by: Beuhhh    

Same. Thought about Dphie but their Instagram gave bad vibes. I think other chapters are doing cob if u message them.

By: Beuhhh
by: cobFeb 10, 2023 11:33:29 PM

not the copy paste

By: cob

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