by: Recruitment!!!

Please comment what you think your top sorority is and least sorority is as of rn! :) thks! So excited for everyone

Posted By: Recruitment!!!
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#1  by: Pnmmmmmm   

Top- AXO
Bottom APhi

By: Pnmmmmmm
#2  by: iamrushing!!!!!   

i am really nervous to rush and dk my top option, but def off rumors I don’t want to be in APhi or AGD

By: iamrushing!!!!!
#3  by: puhnum   

Top: kd or sk
Bottom: pi phi

By: puhnum
#4  by: peenaum$$$   

i would say top - aoii/dz
bottom - aphi/piphi

By: peenaum$$$
#5  by: JustSignedUp!   

I really want a bid from chi o aoii agd

I really don’t want a bid from kd piphi or aphi

By: JustSignedUp!
#6  by: Stupid   

Please just go through recruitment and go where you feel comfortable. There are too many trolls on Greek Rank, than lie to make their own sorority look good. See what YOU like best and go with it!

By: Stupid
#7  by: Trolls   

There are so many trolls on here. Just go through recruitment and see for yourself instead of listening to a fewxjealous trolls on GR!

By: Trolls

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