Frat descriptions from a sorority girl

by: Kailee

KA (Southern, nice house, mixes w/ top sororities, throws good parties)

Beta (Mix of cool and weird dudes, throws ok parties, mixes w bottom sororities)

ATO (Southern but has a little northern vibe to, doesn’t rly have a house but mixes w/ top sororities and throws w top frats)

SAE (Really small, most of them are weird, no house)

Sig nu (one of the nicest houses, one of the biggest member sizes, good parties)

Pi Lam (Throws ok parties, small members, losing church house, mix of weird and cool brothers)

A sig (pretty diverse, good darties, big backyard)

Phi Tau (Newest frat, pretty big already, rumored to get sig tau house, pretty diverse, climbing ranks fast)

Theta chi ( Biggest house, throws great parties, last pledge class was pretty small tho)

DTD (Pretty new, average size, below average parties, mostly cool brothers some weird)

Sig tau (throws good parties, gets decent pcs, preppy dudes)

TKE (Newer frat, growing fast, alright parties, cool brothers)

Fiji (pretty secretive don’t really know much, throws alright parties, average size frat)

D sig (Diverse, ok house, alright parties, average size)

Chi phi ( has a lot of average sized satellite houses, throws alright parties)

Sig pi (Don’t throw that much but decent when they do, lot of members, mixes w/ good sororities)

Lambda (Really southern, throws good darties, decent house, average size in members)

Posted By: Kailee
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#1  by: Lol   

You obviously do not go here

By: Lol
by: ZachMay 17, 2023 4:01:32 PM

What? This seems accurate to me lmao. I’m a junior ab to be a senior n been in Greek life here since fall of my freshman yr.

By: Zach
#2  by: Yes   

Bump this, good solid ranking. Sig Tau is gonna decline once PKT gets their house back in the fall. ATO Theta Sigma Nu, and KA are top. SAE is atrociously bottom and so is Pi Lam.

By: Yes
by: Landon Jun 10, 2023 11:43:05 PM

Pi lam and SAE in a close battle for bottom 💀

By: Landon
#3  by: .   

PIKE is expanding in the fall as well.

By: .
#4  by: Friendlyneighborhoodsenio   

You forgot the two SA cases with Theta.

By: Friendlyneighborhoodsenio
#5  by: Lmao    

Fake news. Imposter. Most of these frats are weak and many are bottom tier. Moreover, you’ve left a few out Bro. Kappa Sigma would be included if you knew your shi$. And it’s not FIJI. It’s Phi Gam. We don’t call them FIJI. Lmao. That’s another campus Bro; that’s up North, with a Yankees. Go away.

By: Lmao
by: BroJul 5, 2023 1:45:43 PM

Buddy is def in sae or pi Lam by how mad he is. Relax it’s not that deep

By: Bro
by: YupJul 8, 2023 10:40:28 PM

Agree and a disaster of a breakdown. No one calls them FIJI; lmao. It’s Phi Gam. And left frats out and got it all wrong. lol

By: Yup
#6  by: Lmao    

Just fyi all…the poster “Kailee” is actually a dude. Lol. And apparently also doesn’t go to ECU. Lmao. Majority of those frats “she” mentions are useless and irrelevant at ECU. Wrong campus “Kailee”. In fact I’m not even sure what campus you’re remotely mentioning bc most of those frats you mention suck at nearly every campus in the USA. smh.

By: Lmao
by: BroJul 5, 2023 1:44:24 PM

What? The only one he or she left out was kappa sig probably on accident bro is mad over nothing 💀

By: Bro
by: Omg Jul 8, 2023 10:42:48 PM

Agree that “Kailee” is most likely a frat bro. Lmao; it’s no an accurate analysis.

By: Omg
#7  by: Haha   

All the guys saying this ranking is fake are just butthurt. REALITY CHECK. SAE and Pi Lam= poverty franchise. ATO KA and Sigma Nu are top, and the rest of you don’t stand out amongst each other. Stop crying haha.

By: Haha
#8  by: Lmao    

This post is an absolute falsehood. And left off KS. Tighten up “Kailee”. lol. Agree “Kailee” is frat dude in disguise. Also, we don’t have FIJI @ ECU. Lmao. It’s Phi Gam idiot. FIJI is a northerner way of saying Phi Gam and we are a southern school bro. SMH.

By: Lmao
by: WeirdJul 15, 2023 6:07:32 AM

Fiji or Phi Gam the chapter is mid AF

By: Weird
by: DbbdbdJul 18, 2023 1:00:59 AM

Probably a dude tbh but it’s still pretty accurate can’t deny that. only problem is leaving out k sig they up in the ranks for sure.

By: Dbbdbd
#9  by: 🤔    

Sigma Nu; lol. Since when? Prove us wrong but ain’t no way brah.

By: 🤔
#10  by: lol    

This is such a travesty and wrong. Agree, it’s a dude pretending to be a sorority girl. 2ndly, there is no FIJI @ ECU. It’s Phi Gam. 3rdly, u left KS out; rookie mistake. 4th, it’s just plain off and not accurate. wow.

By: lol
by: BozoJul 30, 2023 1:25:16 PM

This list is 100% accurate. You are just mad asf your frat got a bad rank 🤣. Phi Gam and FIJI are the same, whether you like it or not.

By: Bozo

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