Reality of the Current Situation as of 2020

by: SAE '23

Honestly, being in a fraternity right now during the pandemic is so overrated. I would drop my frat in a heartbeat and have seriously been considering it. It is a ton of money for crap food and no events. Id wait to rush a frat or even join an eating house until after the pandemic cause it is a waste of time and money.

Posted By: SAE '23
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#1  by: Wildcat   

Sounds like maybe your fraternity doesn’t have much to offer outside parties.......

By: Wildcat
by: Carol QNov 1, 2020 4:35:12 PM

Agree with OP and in a different frat than he named. I can hang out with my friends without paying dues to some national organization (that mainly covers legal fees). The reason I spend that money is for the events and the house, neither of which we have real access to (house only for meal times). There are other opportunities out there for philanthropy. Hard to justify the same price tag without being able to make use of it. I’m considering dropping for the spring and plan to rejoin when it’s worth it and know people in other orgs who are in the same boat.

By: Carol Q

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